Tax planning

Having a very favorable tax regime and an extensive network of double tax treaties, Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations for international tax planning. More and more international businesses are taking advantage of Cyprus’ tax system to maximize their corporate profits.
At SIGTAX, we provide tax planning guidance that is clear, creative, understandable and cost-effective. Our tax planning specialists stay au courant with the latest developments on the international tax system as well as the Cyprus tax system to provide you with a proactive approach to taxes, minimize your tax burden and help you dodge the common pitfalls.
We identify opportunities that can help our clients save money through intelligent tax planning, however, without a compromise on tax compliance. Our expert tax advisors can assist both individuals and legal entities in choosing a tax-efficient company structure in Cyprus or abroad. 
We have deep knowledge combined with practical experience built up from years of working on the Cyprus tax laws. This enables us to quickly identify the different needs of our clients and match them with the most suitable international tax planning advice. Our team carefully assess each structure before deciding whether tax advice is required or not.
SIGTAX can also help you examine the nature of an investment, the potential tax issues that can be encountered and suggest an optimum tax structure that will benefit your business. We prepare, submit, negotiate on your behalf and finalize your Tax Assessments with the Tax Department. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the following areas of taxation with you:

Tax Advisory

  • Tax clearance
  • Tax review
  • Tax rulings
  • International tax planning structures
  • Advice you on Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, and Capital Gains Tax

Tax Administration

  • Tax Residency Certificates
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax returns
  • Preparation of annual income tax computations
  • Obtain Cyprus Tax certificate upon client’s request
  • Registration within the Cyprus Inland Revenue Department
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Provisional tax declarations
  • Ensure your organization is fully compliant with tax regulations and deadlines