Every business entity registered in Cyprus is mandated to submit a Corporate Income Tax Return (IR4 form) each year. This form is created from the Audited Financial Statements (FS) to the Cyprus Tax Authorities, as well as the Annual Return (HE32) to the registrar of companies. SIGTAX comprises of expert accountants and audit specialists with a vast experience in accounting and drafting IFRS compliant FS in both English and the local languages.
We take a systematic approach to auditing, with the goal to add value to our client’s organization. This is why we implement a risk-based audit approach, concentrating the audit on the risks inherent in the business. We ensure the best service to both our clients and the third party’s reliance on the final report, hence enabling sound judgment and insightful decision-making.
Our team of authorized audit experts provide the following audit services in a timely and cost-effective manner:
  • Limited audits, ordinary audits or revisions
  • Revisions in order for capital increases or reductions and business start-ups
  • Compliance by company law for capital changes
  • Tests after the merger law in restructuring
  • Compliance for money laundering law
Through a risk-based audit approach, we are able to provide clarity, tangible value, and confidence to our clients.