Accounting and Bookkeeping

Like in any other jurissdiction, accurate accounting books are obligatory according to the Cyprus law. However, apart from being just a legal necessity, having accurate and understandable financial information can help your company’s management to make informed and insightful decisions. Our mission is simple and straightforward: to provide high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services in Cyprus.

With vast experience in analyzing and presenting financial information, our expert accountants are always happy to discuss how we can best reduce your account burdens. We treat each client as an individual (whether a start-up or the large multination company) and our services are always to the client’s specific business needs. Our key accounting services include:

  • Financial accounting, payroll, customer and vendor securities

  • Financial management

  • Financial planning and control

  • Creating financial statements, annual financial reports and interim financial statements

  • VAT, AHV, SUVA accounting


Besides processing your accounting records, we also provide advice during the bookkeeping process to help you duck the common pitfalls. Our expert team of qualified and certified bookkeepers ensures that your accounting processes are handled to the highest standards and are filed with the utmost care. We’ll help you keep up with the day-to-day financial transactions such as sales, purchases, nominal ledgers as well as bank reconciliation statements which can be handy when preparing financial reports.


Invoicing is a critical part of every functional business. Every company has to manage and process invoice documents from their respective vendors or suppliers. The short process usually follows the following path:

  • We receive the invoice

  • Validate and verify the invoice

  • Approve the payment

  • Accurately archive the invoice in case of future reference 

While SIGTAX is a fairly big organization, well established in several countries, we still consider ourselves small enough to care about the needs of all our clients, irrespective of size. Therefore, we treat each client as an individual.