Cyprus investment firms

Investment firms in Cyprus are governed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), under the CIFs and Investments Firms Law.
In order to qualify for CIF authorisation, a formal application procedure needs to be followed, and certain requirements must be met. SIGTAX can help simplify the application process and offer guidance to help you dodge the common pitfalls and quicken the process.
Our top Investment services include the following:

  • Consultative support during authorisation and registration of an EU Investment Firm
  • Preparing and documenting internal procedures and processes according to the client’s needs and the relevant EU regulatory bodies’ requirements
  • Conducting systems’ Audit – verification of systems, platforms and computer applications of the Investment Firm. Assessment of their suitability, efficiency, and the level of controls to ensure valid, reliable, timely, and secure input, processing, and output during their operation, in accordance with the requirements of the local regulators
  • Preparation of internal audit reports for management and company’s Internal Audit Committee
  • Assistance with locating qualified executive and non-executive directors, if needed.
  • Risk Management support and analysis
  • Supervision issues
  • Advice on capital adequacy directive
  • Money laundering compliance
  • Widening the spectrum of investment services (extending a license)
  • Obtaining cross-border licenses
  • Structuring/restructuring units and departments
  • Day-to-day operational issues and support
  • Evaluation and analysis of systems and controls
  • Internal Operations Manuals updating and redrafting
  • Q&A MiFID Compliance e-Support
  • Policy Statements updating and drafting/redrafting

Why choose Cyprus investment firms?

  • Favourable Tax Environment. 
  • Modern Regulatory Framework. 
  • Perfect Geographic Location. 
  • International community 
  • EU Passport.
  • Budget-friendly